6 key insights that will powerfully galvanize any marketing approach

A recent attendance to the Mirren Live NYC New Business Conference quickly became one of the most inspiring and electric experiences in a long while. By the end, a number of truly impactful insights emerged, whose power resonated far beyond the world of advertising.  The panels included some of today’s most influential marketers and researchers, as well as a number of esteemed members of the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Mintel, plus a host of some of the most influential and creative minds in the world of advertising.

1. View marketing as a business problem rather than a communication problem

  • Understand in detail how clients’/business’s economics work
  •  Listen more attentively; simplify and focus
  • Embrace a multi-agency environment
    • Always be confident about what you do best
  • Ensure that you (client/agency) have the capabilities to operationalize exactly what you promise
  • There is always an inherent need for speed—better, faster, smarter
  • Exercise ruthless prioritization

2. Be liked—but MUCH more important—be respected

  • Stop following, start leading
  • Be hungry, thoroughly committed to winning and inspiring
  • Get passionate about CLIENT’S business and CLIENT’S $$$ (this is not Monopoly Money you’re playing with)
  • Pick a business goal and go for it, relentlessly—keep your focus on the goal line, rather than playing cutesy with the cheerleaders

3. Chaos is the enemy

  • “Fuck committees”—it’s not about consensus, it’s about focus
  • Confirm individuals’ roles and responsibilities—with no excuses/no exceptions
  • Everyone must have GRIT
    • Push yourself to the limit, be endlessly resourceful
    • Always embrace a positive attitude: “I can get this done”

4. Demonstrate VALUE—not just cost

  • The customer is ALWAYS FIRST in the equation; not just the service/product that’s delivered
  • Focus on outcomes and define exactly what “success” means for every different venture

5. Be Honest, Fierce and Independent

  • Honest: What kind of clients/business do you want to have?—strategy is sacrifice
  • Fierce: Institutionalize innovative, out-of-the-box thinking; make it as popular in the office as beer in the fridge
    • Set a high bar—then inspire them to reach for it
  • Independent: The freedom to “do what we feel is right”
    • Demonstrate independent thinking; your employees will follow, your clients will respect it

6. View EVERYTHING as a creative opportunity (with a purpose)

  • Push to do things that haven't been done
  • Create opportunities for creativity—it’s not OK to say we don’t have the right product/service/client/agency
  • Always ask “What else can we do?”
  • Never give up
  • Start focusing immediately on making the “tangibles” happen…rather than whiling away time, energy and money in more “discussions”