3 Takeaways We Gained from the TED Talk: War and Peace

A few of our Launchpad employees had the chance to attend a live TED Talk in early November on the topic of War and Peace. It was an opportunity to learn more for our work with the Pat Tillman Foundation. It was definitely a night full of thought-provoking talks and performances from those who have experienced every aspect of war. They discussed the lingering questions: Can we build a future without war? What is the impact of war in the world? And what will it take to bring about peace?

Noah Ross – Executive Creative Director

It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. They go from talking to a mom whose son was killed fighting for ISIS to Adam Driver discussing how he started a program for veterans that uses acting to deal with expressing emotions.

Watching the TED Talk unfold, as an event in itself, was inspiring because it was a curation of excellence. You have passionate people talking about provocative issues, and everything was executed extremely well. It motivates you to rethink how you approach your own work and how to make sure that what you do on a daily basis is excellent.

The whole night reinforced for me just how important our work with the Pat Tillman Foundation is, because this is what their mission as a company is all about.

Haley Peters – VP, Account Director

After attending this event, it was easy to see why TED has become a leader in content creation. The devil is in the details, and they certainly think of everything.

Working with the Pat Tillman Foundation, I’ve been able to see firsthand the passion of our veterans and their families. It was very interesting to see that while opinions and experiences might vary, one thing they all benefit from is an open conversation, which lets them know that they’re not alone.

War and its many consequences are widely felt, and they impact everyone in very different ways. We should all reflect on our role in the world and how we can make changes for the better.


Melissa Bruno – Art Director

Having watched many TED talks online, I sort of knew what to expect. Or so I thought. I guess it’s that same feeling we all get being at a concert versus listening to a playlist. It’s quite obvious, from the careful lighting elements and the beautiful changing backdrops that wrapped and overlapped along the stage to the collection of talks, music and dance performances, and film clips, that TED knows how to throw a party. The only thing missing from my theater seat was the rewind button.

The night was very insightful. The diversity and content of the talks, all related to War and Peace, were highly thought provoking and moving. And it was all orchestrated as a consistently connected performance. It’s not easy to walk away from such a highly valuable experience without being motivated to bring some aspect of it into our own lives and work.

The subject matter of War and Peace was a great learning experience­–I am continuously educated on military life and veterans through my work with The Pat Tillman Foundation. And I am excited to take this powerful knowledge and inspiration from the TED event and bring the same value, beauty, and feeling of pleasant surprise into our work with the foundation.

Here’s a sneak peek into War and Peace: https://youtu.be/17SAz56lRwc